Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nick = Teenager?!

Sunday afternoon we ventured up to my parents' house to celebrate Nick's 13th birthday! The weather outside was a little frightful, but mostly awesome.

The birthday boy with Dad.

Mom got him a cool Alabama hand-held fan that flashed ROLL TIDE while it was spinning!

He was confused as to why we wrapped his birthday present in a box of Fiber One cereal.
Don't tell him it was because all I have is Christmas paper.
(we got him a silly 13-yr.-old-boy-humor tshirt, shown later)

Mom and Dad got him this awesome hat!! He loved it.

Sam and Vanessa!

The 3 kids. :)
(Nick's wearing his tshirt here)

Mamaw and Nick playing Christmas songs.


Missed one - but it's okay, I'm sure your wish will still come true!

We had a blast hanging out with family and watching old home videos of Nick when he was a PWECIOUS WITTLE four year old. Bless his little heart.

Our lives are so much better because he was born 13 years ago!

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