Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby Lawhorn {Week 11}

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, that was just supposed to be a regular talking check-up. Since we were able to do a ultrasound at our 7-8wk. appointment, they assured me that they would not be doing another one this week, so I told Jason not to worry about coming.

My appointment was cut a little short because my doctor had to go deliver a baby {hey - I will NOT be upset about that at all, because this summer, that's going to be me, and I'll be screaming WHERE'S MY DOCTOR!!!}.

Anyway, she used the little wand thing to listen for the heartbeat. She couldn't find it. I didn't panic. I knew he/she was still okay in there. So she told the nurse to go get the ultrasound machine so we could make sure everything was okay. {At which point, I could have kicked myself for telling Jason not to come!!}

So remember our first ultrasound? The one where Baby Lawhorn was a grain of rice you had to squint and cross your eyes and spin around three times and you still didn't see anything?

Well Baby Lawhorn has been busy doing some growing in the last four weeks!!
On the right is his/her head, with a little hand above his/her face; then to the left is body and legs are up.

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It really looks like a BABY!! I just started tearing up as I watched my precious baby on the screen... what an unbelievable feeling.

So different from the first ultrasound, where I wasn't really touched in the way I expected to be. This was unreal.

We are really having a baby - not a grain of rice!


  1. I was just thinking about you this morning making my hot cocoa and wondering how you 2 were doing and how little pea was!

    So happy for you 2 and I LOVE reading about it!! Keep them coming =D

  2. Love it! It is amazing when all the sudden they look like a baby compared to a blob. I went Tuesday too and was 21 wks, she is now big enough to where you don't see her all in one shot. You get a shot of the head, then view of belly and heart, then the legs and feet. BTW I get an ultrasound everytime! :)(only have to pay for 2)

  3. i can't believe he/she is so big! i need to see you!!!!

  4. Sarah...that's a baby!!! A real baby! aaaaaahhh. haha, have I mentioned how excited I am for you two. I even teared up a little bit seeing the ultrasound! Miss you.

  5. Jordan - thanks for thinkin' about us! Everything is going great! :) I will do my best to keep posting as I go along.
    Sarah - I told Jason what you said about having to do multiple pictures - that is CRAZY!! So exciting to look forward to!
    Alex - I know - I would love to hang out soon! It's been too long!!
    Bri - AHHHH!!! It's so crazy! I teared up reading that you teared up! Seems like just yesterday we were playing college and wanting Lee Middleton dolls and stuff! :) Miss you too!!

  6. I loved this Sarah! I am so happy you get to experience all this. ENJOY it because you will miss your belly more than you can understand. It is def real when they look like a baby. The grain of rice didn't touch me either. Ha. Remember. Coco butter everynight on the belly. I always made Zak do it. Id say. Babe its time to butter my belly. I don't have one single stretch mark. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. And keep posting.


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