Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good Fiber / Bad Fiber

Good fiber:

Fiber One: Oats & Chocolate. Mmmmmmm... sooooooo goooooood. Seriously. Better than any old granola bar. And pretty darn good for ya, too. (Though Jason has talked me into getting the Great Value BeneFIT bars in Oats & Chocolate, instead, and though are not quite as "moist" as these, they do the trick for a lot less $.)

Bad fiber:

Quaker Oatmeal: High Fiber, Maple & Brown Sugar. Yuck. I literally took one - MAYBE two - bites this morning and... blah. Threw away the rest. It had such a weird taste, and tasted NOTHING like the regular M&BSugar.

I think I'm fine with getting 35% of my daily value of fiber from the granola bars, thank you very much.

Any fun/healthy foods you've found lately? Were they good or gross?


  1. So funny that you put that up...I was going through my cabinets when I was moving out and had a few of the fiber one bars left in the box and insisted my roommates have them because they're YUMMY! Also, I had almost the whole package of the exact same box of oatmeal you had pictured and was just like THROW THAT AWAY! It's yucky...tried it anyways and then agredd with me-yuck!haha The more fiber poptarts are pretty good, and I'm on a whole grain kick too--whole wheat pasta is yummy too, I like the texture. I'll let you know if I think of anything else because I'm definitely on a "buy more healthy/good tasting food" kick.

  2. I LOVE those fiber one bars! I have one sitting here at my desk for today! :)


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