Monday, May 4, 2009

I. Love. Being. Engaged.

On Friday, April 24th, we got to go to Camp Vesper Point, the place where we met, to take OUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS!! Becca and Keith were amazing and made us feel totally at ease. Well, let's just say, I thought I would be a rock star diva, and I was NERVOUS! And Jason was the rock star (not a diva, though) and was totally calm and relaxed. I would say, "Becca, what should I do? How do you want me to pose?" and he'd say "Babe, just look at me. That's all." :)

Anyway, it was wonderful and amazing and here's the proof.

(Photos taken at the dock, at the "beach", on the back porch swing, on the trail to Vesper Point, and the crazy ones are on the field. There are a few more on Facebook, but you guys get to see the silly ones.)

Jason said, "...I think someone is FOLLOWING US!!"

Watch out, bub. I got a MEAN karate chop.

Wait, wait!! I was kidding about the karate thing!!

Only 95 days!!!!


  1. I looked through all of them at Becca's last night and #4 is my fav!

  2. Hey... where did you get your camera? I'm in the market!


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