Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Reno Continues

Hiiiiiiiya!! Okay, to update you a little on yesterday's post, Jason and I rushed to my apartment during lunch to 1.) check on Dash and 2.) see if our little raccoon friend was still there. Unfortunately/fortunately he was gone. I'm thinking his mommy came and got him. She was probably hiding in the bushes just waiting for me to get away from her baby, even though I was only trying to help. Okay, so let's just stick with "his mommy came and got him."

About Dash - he's been itching, biting, scratching, shuffling around on the carpet - whatever he can to relieve that awful itchy-ness. We originally thought he had gotten into poison ivy because there is some behind my apartment where we take him out sometimes, but the vet reassured us that it's very rare for dogs to get poison ivy. Long story short, Dash's dumb mom forgot to give him his flea medicine this month! Oh, I felt SOOOOOOOO AWFUL!! And I could have sworn I had given it to him, so it never crossed my mind that it was my fault. :( Anyway, one Sentinal pill, one Advantix on his back, and a night and day of sleep and my little booger is back to his normal self. When I let him out of his kennel this morning, he ran laps around the coffee table. "He's baaaaack," I thought to myself.

Monday my mom and I painted the guest bedroom at the new house! This was one of those put it off and put it off projects, because it didn't really matter to Jason if it was painted before he moved in (which has been almost 4 months now!!). But since I will be moving out of my apartment July 4th weekend, and moving most of my stuff to the new house, the room needs to be somewhat finished so I can fill it up.

I, however, will be moving back home for the last time. So bittersweet. I've already promised Nick that I will be nice to him. And that I'll help with dinner when I can, and clean up and stuff. Mind you, this will be the month before my wedding, so I could be a big stress ball.

Anyway, back to painting the bedroom. If you remember, this room is affectionately known as the horse room. At the time of that post, we were planning on the horse room being the office, but we changed our minds. So now the rainbow room will be the office and the horse room is a lovely shade of light green, which matches all my current bedroom stuff. I will try to remember to take a picture tonight and update this post tomorrow. Until then, just remember all the yummy goodness that USED to be... the "Horse Room".


  1. all the things that are in your apartment now will look SO good as the guest room! i love it!

    and really really wish that our living room was the same shade of green!


  2. So excited for you and am hoping everything falls right into place these last couple of months before the wedding. Moving back home, huh? :) I'm sure you will enjoy it! We had some fun late nights of stuffing boxes, putting together programs, was fun to have that time with my parents before the wedding. (And just for the record, I hadn't lived at home for 10 years...(yeah...crazy, but I'm OLD) and when I moved back from Atlanta, I had a little over 2 months that I lived with my parents before we got married.) I wouldn't have traded that time with them for anything in the world! Have you in my thoughts and prayers as you are experiencing this special time before your big day! :)


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