Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home Show '10

On Saturday Jason and I met Sam at the Home Show at the convention center. We had been before, but I don't think we've ever been when we actually owned a house! So it was fun to ask questions about pricing, etc. to the different companies since we are (hopefully!!) gearing up for a spring remodel at our house.

Check out this bathroom. Wow! Beautiful. The boys commented that "it's stupid to have the tub in the middle" and "where's the toilet?" while all I noticed was the serene feeling I had deep inside. Anyone with me??

Don't you want to play on this?! I did. But they wouldn't let me.

We didn't go inside (probably because it was packed) but this is a video game trailer! WHAT? I've never even heard of this, but the boys looked at me like I was crazy for not knowing these exist. Have you ever heard of them?

I liked taking "sly" pictures before anyone noticed I had taken them (I brought a point and shoot and not my mondo "I-have-a-big-camera" camera). I loved the countertop on this island. Though this piece of wood cost... um... $718. So we kept walking.

This was another "drive by picture" but we did end up talking to this company for a while. They are most likely going to do our countertops in the kitchen when we are ready for that. Whoo hoo!! {And I love these shaker style cabinets... sigh.}

Jason and I liked the edging on this countertop, so since we agreed, I thought it was a momentous occasion that merited a picture. (Okay, I just didn't want to forget what it looked like. I know it's very simple, but we are countertop newbies.)

We had a great time and came home with loooooooots of papers... most of which were recycled. Let's just be honest. But we did get a Habitat ReStore reusable grocery bag that has already been put to good use!

Did you go to the Home Show?

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  1. When I saw that bathroom, I nearly died from joy!! Needless to say, Matt hated it. :)


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