Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Goals - How'd I Do?

Is it the end of March already?? Here's how I did for the month!
*Read 2 books {I did finish HP5: The Order of the Phoenix, but I'm sticking to the reading plan for So Long Insecurity from the LPM blog, so it'll be a few more weeks on that one}
*Write 2 letters to our sponsored kids
*Celebrate Jason's 26th b'day! We had a great time! And here too!
*Go to lunch with 2 friends this month I went with Em. G. here and I had lunch with Em. T yesterday while she was in town!

*Participate in two photography challenges at {FAIL - I did add these photos to M3B's site, which I plan to keep doing in the future}
*Create layout for small garden Whoo hoo! Now to actually do it!!

*Create layout/floorplan for kitchen "update/remodel"! {I have done this, but I'm not quite ready to show you yet! Soon - very soon!}

*Meal plan for at least 2 weeks Here and here
*One new recipe yucky orange chicken and yummy truffle brownies

*Go for another water only week
*Use pedometer to determine current daily steps, {here} then create a goal for increasing # of steps each day {yeah, didn't do this the whole month... but I did have two 5,000+ days!}

Check back tomorrow for my April goals!

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