Monday, March 15, 2010

We Made the Switch

After little debate, we decided to make the switch from Comcast to EPB for our TV and internet. We have been having really annoying internet problems lately where it would cut out for 2-3 minutes, then come back on for 5, then out again, then back on. You could never get anything done online because by the time you got yourself back together from the last time it went out, it would go out again!

Finally we decided enough was enough and last Friday we became the proud new owners of this sign:

The biggest difference is how the TV stuff it layed out. Here's what the full "guide" looks like:

It will definitely take some getting used to. Something cool (and totally unnecessary, but cool nonetheless) is that there is a picture in picture in the bottom left hand that shows you what is on right now on whatever channel you're looking at on the guide. Pretty sweet, huh?

Only time will tell if EPB > Comcast, but for now, we are just grateful to have CONSISTENT INTERNET ACCESS!!!!!!!!

The end.

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