Friday, March 5, 2010

Pedometer Woes

Okay, if you read through my March goals, you may notice in the "Wellness" section that this month I plan to use a pedometer to determine my current daily steps, then set a goal to increase the total # of steps each day.

First I did a little research on how many steps the average person should take each day. According to my new friends at The Walking Site, you should take about 10,000 steps a day. Totally easy, right? Like, I'm probably already doing that. For sure. I mean, I'm an active person, aren't I?

Well, let's entrust this to my dear friend, Ms. iPod. She has a built in pedometer so she offered to help me on my fitness endeavors.

I'll get right down to business now - I am NO WHERE CLOSE TO 10,000 STEPS!!!!!

My best day was yesterday, when I had a meeting in a different building at work (read: more walking than normal), went out for lunch, went to Home Depot after work (looking at kitchen and bathroom stuff!), then did small chores at home. Total Steps: 3,490

Wednesday was described in detail here, and was probably the most normal activity level for me (super depressing, by the way - not the day, but the fact that this is my normal activity level). Total Steps: 2,237

Tuesday, my first day of this little test, was in fact the worst. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but I also really didn't do much at all. I worked from 8-5ish, getting up to get a drink or get papers off the printer or talk with a coworker, ate lunch at my desk (while reading HP5), cooked dinner, did some laundry, and vegged out on the couch. Total Steps: a whopping 1,722

So my average number of steps per day is ~2,500 steps. Can you believe that? I seriously was expecting more. Which means that it's really good that I did this! My next step is to take that 2,500 and turn it into a consistent 3,000 every day. Then the goal will be to increase this by 500 steps/day each week so that at the end of March I will be averaging 4,000 steps a day.
Week 1:  2,500
Week 2: 3,000
Week 3: 3,500
Week 4: 4,000

And don't you worry one little bit - you know I will be giving you updates. :) {good or bad...}


  1. i need to get one of these. i am horrible about not walking enough.
    did it come with the ped or did you add it in?

  2. The new ones come with it on there, it's under the fitness section. :) {I'm a sucker for iPods...}

  3. This is such a cool idea. Everyday I choose to either take the 6 flights of stairs to my office at school or take the elevator. Lately I have really been taking the elevator but THIS is inspiring me to take the stairs :-) Thanks Sarah!

  4. I should probably try this. I'm meeting with a trainer next week at the gym and when I signed up, it asked what type of lifestyle you lead. I had to grudgingly circle "sedentary." I asked Ryan if it counts that I walk from my desk to the car and my desk to the lunch room. ;)


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