Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Run, run, as fast as you can!

A few weeks ago, Hunee and the Falconess began discussing their newest adventure of training for a half marathon in December. Well, well, well. I can't run. Period. End of discussion. Never have, never will. I joined the track team in middle school because my friend Kristie did, and cried when I realized that I'd have to run every day. (Then they told me to do the high jump and I stopped crying and kissed their feet for not making me run anymore.)

Anyway, today at work Krystal and Charla ran 3 miles during our lunch hour and came back all excited about what they had done. Charla is an avid runner, planning to do a marathon in April, but Krystal hadn't done much running in the past. So as they were talking about it more, I realized that I could go with them every once in a while... if I wanted to, ya know. "Alright then, girlfriend!" said Charla excitedly. "Get-cho runnin' shoes and get ready!" (By the way, Charla is an awesome, super fun, bubbly woman, I'd say in her 40's or so, and no she's not black, even though I made her sound that way. You'd just have to know her.) <-- that's in case Rachel is reading this and tells on me.

So guess what I'm doing Friday? Me and Alexis (who also isn't thrilled about the concept of running) are joining them to run at the Nature Center. Who would have ever thought that I would willingly go running?!

Wanna join us, Hunee?

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  1. Yes!! How fun! Though, I'm so durn out of shape, it'd be sad... I'm so proud of you! Are ya'll running during lunch?


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