Thursday, July 24, 2008

THE Batman.

Okay, so this movie was AWESOME, by the way. Jason and I saw it this weekend and we loved it DESPITE all the hype. We were so afraid it wasn't going to live up to expectation, since the media had made such a big deal about it, but it was really good. Honestly, I'm gonna say it wasn't as good as Iron Man, but that's just my opinion. But then again, Iron Man wasn't hyped like crazy like the Dark Knight was, so we weren't ready for how awesome it really was.

So anyway, Heath Ledger was great in this movie - sooooo creepy, but a little humor at times. My mom heard an interview where someone was reviewing the movie and they said that Heath played the role of the Joker the way it was intended to be played. Not goofy, court jester crazy, but seriously disturbed, creepy crazy.

My BIGGEST issue with the movie, (other than the depressing parts, but I won't go there), was that they called Batman, "the Batman" EVERY SINGLE TIME they talked about him!! What in the world?? I guess there's some reason for this, obviously, or they wouldn't have written the script like that, but seriously? Every time? His name is Batman, he is not the Bat man.

Whew. It feels good to get that out. Thanks guys.

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  1. We too saw "the Batman" this weekend and I agree with your review. We also heard Ironman was good but were scared the person who saw it was an idiot. (that's mean, but seriously) You have a big girl job!? What do you do? and get Lawhorn on this blogging thing...


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