Friday, July 11, 2008

Extreme Work Makeover: Cubicle Edition

Okay, so not TOO extreme... but it made for a good title.

Let me help you remember the BEFORE:

Well, this is the AFTER:

Here is a shot of my beautiful cube. Complete with ridiculously huge moniter, super comfy chair, loads of pictures, and all my pink and green accessories.

Ooooooh... Ahhhhhh...

Cute tins I found at IKEA, a Happy Meal toy that happens to match, and the three cool swirly vases holding my "lucky bamboo," as it's called. It'll be lucky if it doesn't die.

Fun little calendar, my m&m mug (look for the AWESOME m&m jar in the main picture - Jason got it me for Christmas and it holds 6 lbs. of peanut butter m&m-y goodness), and all my cool shiny black office supplies.

I'm waiting on Jason's camera card so that I can have some huge photos of some of the awesome landscapes from Canada. That'll brighten up the walls a little more. I don't want it to get TOO crazy, but it's always nicer to make it your own when you're going to spend 40 hours a week in the thing.

Any more suggestions??? :)


  1. Yeah!! it's so so cute! One suggestion- a picture of you and me! we'll have to work on that this weekend :)

  2. haha..."it'll be lucky if it doesn't die"...that's my favorite part. but I'm gonna have to add to emily's comment and say that it will be complete with a picture of all 4 of us:)

  3. i love that i made your picture board! thanks friend!
    so glad you went to ikea- i need to go now that we have a house... hehe!


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