Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Goals - How'd I Do?

Most of July was a pretty good success! Except for the whole planning 3 meals a week thing...


Read 2 books - COMPLETE {I read 4!}
Swim at my parent's house at least twice - COMPLETE!
Enjoy 4th of July holiday/festivities - COMPLETE
Travel for trip #1 of 2 - COMPLETE {Colorado Springs, CO!} here & here

Pick out fabric for kitchen and living room curtains - COMPLETE

Reveal our kitchen makeover! - COMPLETE!!!!
Try not to kill the 2 living plants in my garden - ummm... FAIL. whoops.

Plan at least 3 scheduled meals each week - FAIL
One new recipe - COMPLETE {monster cookies}

Continue working out on Tu./Th. - somewhat FAIL

Now on to August goals!

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