Thursday, July 22, 2010

The House of My Brother - Part 3

Well, we've made it to the final installment of The House of My Brother!! (part 1 & part 2)

For some reason comments aren't working, so if you want to leave some house-love for my big bro, send me an email with your comment to sarahklawhorn at gmail dot com)

Now it's time for my favorite room in the house - the office. In the picture below, Sam had already moved some furniture in, but it didn't really have a lived-in/homey vibe.

With a little crimson paint (my whole fam bleeds crimson but we still love them) and some collectibles,  the space is now a unique reflection of my brother.

I just LOVE this room! :)
 I'm super jealous that in less than 2 months, his house is practically done (minus the kitchen and other small spaces) and we've had ours over a year and we've got at least another year to go before the upstairs is "complete" - then we have a basement! Ahhh! :)

If you have a minute, don't forget to shoot me and email and let me know what you think of his space!

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