Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The House of My Brother - Part 1

This week I will be featuring a house owned by my favorite older brother, Sam. :)

He purchased his home on April 9th and with the repairs and updates it needed, it took him about a month and 1/2 to get it to where it is now.

This was the living room when he bought the house...

After painting (I love this color with the white trim and wood floors!)...

...And now with furniture!

Another angle of the living room.

The living room connects to the dining room area for a really nice large space.
Here's what the DR looked like when he moved in...

And now!
You probably can't tell unless you click on each picture, but the light fixture from before was pretty crazy... it had glass panels that hung over the lights. Kinda neat, but definitely not Sam's style. Now the lighting is updated and flows with the rest of the "vibe". :)

Tune in tomorrow for the 2 bathroom updates... you're not gonna wanna miss it!

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