Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding Gifts Poll

If someone asked you what your top 3 most used wedding gifts are, what would you say?
What about the BEST wedding gift? Would it be one of your top 3 most used?

For me, I would say that our top 3 most used gifts are:

1. our pots and pans set (Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cookware Set) {group gift from my work}
2. our silverware (Oneida Icarus Flatware Set) {from Aunt Holly & Uncle Steve}
3. our TV :) {bought with all the wonderful monetary gifts we were given}

And our BEST wedding gift... I'd have to say the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer because it is so stinkin' awesome! (I made these amazing cookies in it just last week!)

I did not think we would get one of these, but we ended up getting two! (Of course we took one back and used the cash back from BB&B to put towards the TV - much to Jason's delight... haha!)
What are your top 3 most used wedding gifts and the BEST wedding gift?


  1. Top 3 Most Used - Pampered Chef pots and pans set, everyday dishes, towels & sheets.

    Best Gift - The non-registered for gifts that are so sweet. Silver monogrammed ice bucket, wedding cookbook, love quote plaque, etc. I love the gifts I registered for because they are useful, but the ones I remember who gave them to me are the gifts I didn't register for.

  2. Top 3 used for the Raleys:
    2)Red Canister set (I'm a coffee and sugar kind of gal)
    3)Bar ware set (for entertaining new guests!)

    Our best wedding gift: I'd say our monogrammed things-personalized bath towels and a neat monogrammed picture frame my sister made for us with our nick names, new names, and wedding date-SO amazing! But I will say...I've wanted that Kitchen Aid mixer FOR SO LONG so if we had gotten that...that'd be the winner, lol!


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