Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Goals - How'd I Do?

Let's see how this crazy month went:
*Read 3 books - almost COMPLETE {I finished one, started and finished 2, and I'm 3/4 through another... so altogether, does that count? :)  }
*Travel outside the country! - COMPLETE {Amazing trip to Canada!! (1, 2, 3)}
*Celebrate our 1st Anniversary!! (& my 24th b'day!) - COMPLETE {We celebrated in Canada!}
*Have an Open House/Initials Inc. show - FAIL {but no worries! it's just rescheduled for September!}

*Take 1 bazillion photos - COMPLETE {Umm.. yeah, definitely did that.}
*Report on my CO tripCOMPLETE {here & here}

*Get our home ready for a party - {well, we didn't actually have a party, but we got our new couch(!!) so it's kept me motivated to keep the house in better condition than usual!}

*Make Monster Cookies again - FAIL {but I still really want them}

*Work out twice a week - EPIC FAIL {I worked out once. the whole. entire. month.}

I can't believe August is over!! It's weird. Very weird!

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  1. Commenting to say that I finished the 3rd book, "The Things We Do for Love" by Kristin Hannah. Really cute! Starting "Firefly Lane" now!


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