Monday, August 9, 2010

Louise, Moraine, and Bullwinkle

Our adventures yesterday began at Lake Louise!

(can you believe there's snow up there?!)

Beautiful view.

We ate lunch at the Chateau Lake Louise and then J and I decided to walk around the lake (which took approximately 2 HOURS, by the way), while the rest of our clan took a canoe out on the lake.

We decided to leave since the weather was kind of yucky, but thought we would just quickly stop by Moraine Lake before heading home.

Oh. My. Goodness.

The most BEAUTIFUL colored water I've ever seen!!!!

And lots of squirrely-chipmunk friends along the way!

On the way back to our cabin, we took the scenic route on the Bow River Valley Parkway and hoped/wished/prayed that we would see some wildlife. A bear, an elk, a cougar - we would have settled for a jack rabbit! :)

And all of a sudden, Jess says "A MOOSE!!!!!!!!!"

And there was Bullwinkle! Just mosey-ing across the road, minding his own business. We FREAKED out!!! :) It was amazing.

I told Jason "Thank you for the moose - it was a great anniversary gift".

He said, "You're welcome."

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