Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Snooker's Life {Part 1}

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Sometimes I wonder what our kitty cat does all day...

Stare out the window? Jump over furniture?
Let's see what a normal day for Snooker looks like:
Before our alarm goes off, she waits patiently at the end of the hall, looking out the window at the sunrise and thinking, "It's got to be time for them to get up..." 

Her ears perk up as the alarm goes off, but then - silence.
Did he hit the snooze button?!
She slumps back down for 9 more minutes.
The alarm goes off again, finally, and her daddy gets up and opens the door.

Morning, dad - you won't believe what happened last night, I mean, seriously. There was this bug and it kept climbing all over the window and I kept trying to get it and I never could! So I just kept trying and trying and then - guess what, dad - it was outside!! It wasn't even in the house! Isn't that funny?!

All he hears is ::meooooooooooooooow, meeow, maaoow, meow?:: but he talks back to her anyway.

She automatically follows him into the bathroom, to wait for him to take a shower. She is still quite intrigued by the bathroom in general. She takes her place either on the very edge of the sink or in between the tub and the curtain, and again waits very patiently (and quietly) for her daddy.

As soon as he opens the curtain, she's at it again-- Wow, dad - you're showers are a lot shorter than mommy's. She takes FOREVER! I usually fall asleep, I'm so bored waiting on her. Hey! I think I saw a moth on the window! But it flew away... And then I heard something, but I think it was just Dash. So I ignored it. You wanna hear a joke, dad? Dad? Dad???

And this is just the first 15 minutes or so we're awake. :)

Stay tuned.

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