Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall Favorites

Even though I'm not going "back to school", whenever it gets to be this time, it really starts to feel like summer is over and fall is on the way --no thanks to the weather, of course.

So in honor of the upcoming season...
What is your favorite thing about Fall?

MINE, in no particular order, are:
*TN football games
*"fall-smelling" candles
*hot (or cold) apple cider

*changing of leaves
*thinking about Christmas (really, Sarah? really?!)

Oh, and TN football games.
So spill it - what is your favorite thing about Fall?


  1. 1. SEC Football!!
    2. Thanksgiving
    3. Christmas
    4. Oh, and FOOTBALL!!

  2. 1. the smell of "Halloween"
    2. the burnt oranges of fall decorations
    3. early Christmas shopping
    4. putting on my slippers when it's just a degree or two too cold



Even if it's just to say "You so silly, Sarah" - please feel free to leave comments!


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