Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snooker Wants to Know...

...Where does the water come from? (It makes me think of the scene in Enchanted where she asks "where does the water come from?... and where do the pipes get it? ..oh it is a magical room!" or something to that effect.

That's how Snooker feels about the bathroom too. It's magical to her. When Jason gets up in the morning to take his shower, she has to sit right outside the shower, in between the tub and the curtain (you'll see where I mean in the video). When he's done and opens the curtain, she gets so mad! It's like he found her hiding spot.

Anyway, when I wash my face (using the tub since the sink in the hall bathroom doesn't do hot water for whatever reason), she is so intrigued by the faucet! The first video is a little longer and has a lot of me talking to her in a goofy voice, coercing her to play in the water. And the second one is a more direct "caught her in the act" kinda video, ending with her hiding behind the curtain again.

SHE KEEPS US ENTERTAINED!!!!! (be on the lookout for some psycho-Snooker videos in the future... I never seem to have my camera ready when she goes crazy and runs around the house, but I'm determined to catch her one of these days!)

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  1. Pets are very entertaining! We have 2 dogs and a cat. The cat is the only inside one and the one that does funny stuff. Love reading your blogs! You post way more than me, wish I could easily post everyday, but I do have a 2 yr old right! But I am going to totally steal your monthly resolution/goal idea, love that!


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