Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why We Didn't Send Christmas Cards

We got so many wonderful Christmas cards this year from friends and family!

Of course, we had every intention of sending cards out too. Pretty ones. Ones that I spent time designing and trying to get "just right".

I decided to have a bunch of these printed out as 4x6 photos to send as postcards, but when I got them, they were cropped! It messed up the way it was supposed to look, so I reordered from another company and THEY were cropped too!

So I decided to get over it and just send the first batch. I addressed them all and stamped them and everything, and used our circle L stamp with our names and return address to put on there too.

It was still a little wet so I laid them out to dry overnight, but because the back of the photos are slick, the ink wouldn't take. So the next morning before I realized that, I stacked them all up to take out to the mailbox, when I saw that the ink had gotten smeared all over the fronts and backs of most of the cards. :( I threw my hands up and said FORGET IT!

(Click on picture to see the smear-y-ness. Oh yeah, and the crop-y-ness.)

So we didn't send Christmas cards this year. :(

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