Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lost Love.. and Hopes to Find It Again

I love to sing.

I'm pretty sure I've been singing since I learned how to talk. I just love it and I got that love from both sides of the family. I sang in plays as a little munchkin (no pun intended, since I was in the Wizard of Oz), children's choir ("I've Got an Elephant Up My Nose" anyone?), then when I joined the youth group, I was so excited about the Youth Worship Service where I had my first solo in church:

"Let the people praise you, O God,
Let all the people praise you,
Let the people praise you, O God,
Let the nations be glad ::screech:: and sing ::screech:: for joy ::screech::!"
Think 13 yr. old boy screech. Except I don't remember how old I was. And I'm not a boy.

I was fortunate enough to sing with the praise band at Signal Crest for basically the whole time I was in youth. We called ourselves "Grounded". We were AWESOME. And we knew one song - "In the Palm of Your Hand" by Alison Krauss. (Just kidding; it's just the main song that we did for a while.) These were some of the best times I can remember, just spending time with friends and enjoying music. 

THEN I started working at camp and that was AMAZING too. I was fortunate to get to sing with Nick (among many others) and I loved it. Could not wait for worship each night, couldn't get enough of it, would spend my whole life in "the Bob" just singing my heart out.

Well, that was almost 3 years ago and the only time I have sung since then was at Alex & Forest's wedding in August of '08. I know that I could join a choir - I'm sure there are several opportunites out there right now, but I guess that today I'm just mourning how singing/music has influenced my life in the past and how those opportunities are not available in the same way now. Does that make any sense to anyone but me?

So maybe someday my dreams of becoming a hugely famous rockstar (not) will come true. Until then, I will continue to sing in the shower. And in the car. And loud at church. And while I'm cleaning. And...


  1. love hearing that you used to sing, now I know more about you! I sung a lot when younger, my grandpa has a church and a cousin and I sang together there until I was maybe 14/15 I don't feel like I can sing that great cause my cousin was/is really good. But I love to worship through singing!

  2. Sarah I feel the SAME exact way about dancing. I miss it badly....


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