Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Story Time for Nagle Bagel

Dear Emily,

I was thinking about a fun time we had together many years ago, and felt the sudden urge to display it for all to see. Call it a confession, if you will.

One time in high school, I had a day off from Red Bank, but Emily had school. So for whatever reason (seriously, why would I have said, "Hey Em - I like school so much that since I don't have to go to my school, I want to come to yours!") I went to GPS that day! {it really was fun, don't get me wrong}

It was a civilian day (read: free dress day) so I didn't have to wear a uniform, though I think I would have - proudly. I went to all of Em's classes (pottery was my favorite, history was not) and got lost trying to navigate that school.

Cool things: carpet in the hallways, laptops, WIRELESS PRINTERS (holy moly I thought this was like magic)... The funny thing, though, was that we told everyone that I was Emily's cousin.

Her cousin.

Now, I would say that I knew 1/3 of the people that she hung out with, so we weren't fooling them. But somehow we started a conversation with one of her teachers and told him I was her cousin. He said, "Oh, where are you from?" and honestly I don't remember what I said, but let's say "Virginia" (Em, correct me on this one, if you remember) and he said, "Oh I have family there, what part?" And instead of thinking clearly and either TELLING THE TRUTH or coming up with a place I knew for sure was in Virginia, I said, "Uhh.... Red Bank?" Then Em said WE GOTTA GO NOW and grabbed me and we ran away fast. Laughing our heads off, of course.

The end.

P.S. This wasn't a dream, was it Em? Like, this really did happen, didn't it? Why is it that sometimes memories feel like so long ago that you start to doubt it happened? If it didn't... then I have a great imagination.

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  1. hahahahahahahahaha!! I love IT!! This totally happened!! And we did RUN away! Because that's what we did at GPS, run in the hallways whenever it was necessary! And the teacher we were talking to was Mr. Tumelaire, my all time favorite teacher and crew coach! So, he probably saw right through me immediately!

    That is funny that you wanted to come to school with me though! I'm glad you did! I remember you met Brandi in my Human Biology class!!

    I love you and all the many many fun times that we've had over the years!


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