Friday, January 1, 2010

Month Goals instead of New Years Resolutions?

I may not stick with this through the whole year, (but then again, when have I ever stuck with New Year's Resolutions the whole year either??) but I love Kim @ at the NewlyWoodwards idea of posting goals each month. I even love her categories so much I copied her WHOLE entire idea (except for Gardening, I'm just not ready for that yet).

These were my December goals {though I never posted them on here} and how I did:

go to Nick's school Christmas concert {COMPLETE!}
go to the Sales Dept. Christmas party {COMPLETE!}
have friends and family over more {we had football parties, and Sam & Karrah came over, but we could definitely do better on this one}
Read one book over the break {COMPLETE! - Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter - soooo cute!}

Finish stockings {COMPLETE!}
Complete Holidays in Hand {only 2 days left to do!}
Take more pictures {COMPLETE! - this will be ongoing}

Find/buy Christmas tree {COMPLETE!}
Decorate the inside for the holidays {COMPLETE!}
Decorate the outside for the holidays {COMPLETE!}
Stock up on post-Christmas sale for next year {COMPLETE!}

bake homemade cookies with my mixer {COMPLETE!}
participate in Cookie Swap at work {COMPLETE!}
make homemade bread {FAIL - maybe next month?}

...ummm, I didn't make any {does that mean COMPLETE!?} just kidding :) by the way, does making 2010 "Wellness Goals" make anyone else feel like buying a Wii/Wii fitness? Just because you think it might actually work for you???

Overall, the month was pretty successful! Check back for January goals later today!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I love having goals out there on the blog, it's great motivation. Here's to a successful month!


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