Thursday, January 21, 2010

These Are a Few of My...

Today I am sending my Favorite Little Things as part of Blair's Blog Swap! She said that 27 people from 24 different citites participated! It was hard to pick my favorite things, but in the end, you can probably tell a lot about me from what I picked.

notepad & pen (um, b/c I love to make lists.)
Brandon Heath's "What if We" CD (always playing on my iPod)
tea bags for hot tea (b/c I drink it every day)
peanut butter m&m's (a CVP Sugar Shack obsession)
GB hand sanitizer (I love this stuff! if I haven't already told you.)
little ACT mouthwash (b/c everyone loves good hygiene)
GB lotion (ah-mazing. If you haven't tried it, I will get you some)
CELEBRATE sign (read below)

Alex got me one of these and gave it to me on my wedding day. I just love how adorable and fun it is, and I have gotten these for SO MANY PEOPLE! (Mine has been and continues to hang from my rear view mirror.)

If you participated, let us know what you sent! And I will definitely post pictures of what I get from my blog-swapper-friend.

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  1. so i just remember who i matched you with... and she is going to LOVE this!!


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