Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walkin' On, Walkin' On...

Jason always brings a glass of water in our room to drink before bed. (Often there will be like 5 glasses sitting on the bedside table...) Well, we love our coasters (b/c we love our wood) and sometime this past weekend, Jason asked me if I had stolen his coaster! Of course not, I have my own, why in the world would I steal yours, silly. So I let him use mine that night.

Well then Monday night, he said "Did you steal my coaster again?"

It was at that point we realized that Snooker must be involved.

Yes, you. Don't hide.

So we know from past experience that she likes to climb on my bedside table and steal my jewelry, the little klepto. So we started to look around Jason's and realized there was a broken glass behind the table!!! Then upon further inspection...

We realized there were THREE broken glasses!! (and a ton of dust bunnies... please don't judge me.) And there were two coasters hidden back there too.

Now he uses plastic cups.

The end.

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