Friday, January 1, 2010

January Goals

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Okay, here goes nothing. I'm putting my January goals out there for all (10 of you) to see, so that makes me more accountable, right?

Host a party (can't give you more info just yet)
Read 2 books (Surrender Bay by Denise Hunter & The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis)
Sponsor another Compassion child!

Start my "Family Tree" project with Mamaw
Print Holidays in Hand book

Finish un-decorating from Christmas (sooner rather than later...)
Install and organize pantry
Organize office
Go through 4 boxes in the basement & either keep, sell, give, or toss

Try two new recipes
Bake a cake!
Make homemade bread

Wellness: I am very open to suggestions on this... I can NEVER keep fitness goals. Even simple ones. Anyone want to join me in doing... something?
Yoga? Hip-Hop class? Walks around the neighborhood? DVD workouts? - HEEEELP ME!!
Establish more consistent nighttime routine (straighten up, clean sink/run dishwasher, wash face, read, etc.)
Take vitamins
Eat more fruit!

What about you guys? If you are opposed to New Years Resolutions, do you think you could do monthly goals??


  1. Magician's Nephew in WONDERFUL! I loved it..simply because it unravels and makes so much more sense of the rest of the series. :) I read it this time last year along with the rest of the Chronicles series. And monthly goals--great idea! I should try that too...I just might copy your idea that you copied :)

  2. ok, I love this idea of monthly goals! And if we could get together on walking, even once or twice a week, it would be great accountability and time to catch up! Let me know your scheldule, if we needed too, the boys could walk with us as well!


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