Monday, January 18, 2010

Avatar: Before You Go

Sarah's tips for before you go see the movie Avatar. This is a long (and amazing) movie - be prepared:
  1. Plan to be at the theater for a loooong time! (the movie itself is 2 hrs. and 40 min., plus previews = ~3 hrs!)
  2. Don't sit too close!!
  3. Eat beforehand.
  4. Bring snacks. (or buy them there, I won't judge you either way)
  5. Don't drink too much.
  6. Go to the bathroom before the movie - you will NOT want to leave.
  7. Expect to spend more than for a regular movie, since it's 3D (we went to the Sunday matinee and it was $20 for the two of us)
  8. Go ahead and take some tylenol - 3D for 3 hours may not work well with your head (it sure didn't with mine!)
  9. ENJOY and let your imagination take you to Pandora! :)
It really was such a fun movie. My favorite things were the little floating seedlings from the tree. Jason said they looked like jellyfish and I thought they looked like the white dandelion seeds. 

Another funny thing was that at the end there is a song (I just found out that it's by Leona Lewis) but for whatever reason, Jason and I both left the theater humming the theme from Titanic. Haha!

You DEFINITELY need to see this in the theater!


  1. went already and loved it! I totally didn't expect too either!

  2. okay i'm busted - i stalk your blog sometimes. but i just can't hold back a comment on this thread! I LOVED THIS MOVIE!! and i wholeheartedly agree with you on every single tip - especially about pottying before going in. sheesh!!

    AND i sang the titanic song for the rest of the day too!! haha! the same guy did the music for james cameron in both movies...guess he didn't branch out too much with the melodies from one to the other. hah!

    if it comes to the imax here in town, i'm totally seeing it again!


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