Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Tree - Part 1

As part of my goals for the month of January (are you seeing a trend here?), I wanted to start a project with my Mamaw, digging into my family history. She already had so much information that I was able to "complete" my mom's side of the family!

Anyone who has looked for a family relative online is probably familiar with, but I had not really used the site much. It is so great!

As part of your free membership to the site, you have access to creating your virtual Family Tree:

How cool is this?!? Harold Dean was my grandfather and Virginia Anne is my grandmother (my mom's parents), so this starts from there, showing their parents, and their grandparents. That was as far as I had gone with Mamaw, but then as you have more information about older generations, these cool little green leaves pop up in the corner, showing you that they have more information about this person. So through THAT I was able to find out information on my great-great-great-grandparents, dating into the 1800s!

Jason and I are so lucky to have all 5 of our grandmothers still with us, so we are going to cherish this time, gathering as much information from them as we can, to preserve our families' history.

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