Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poll Answers: How do you read blogs?

Well, the voters have spoken. There were 16 responses to my question "How do you read blogs?"

43%: See new update from reader, but go to actual blog
25%: From my favorites/I go straight to the site
25%: From my feed reader
6%: From my Blogger dashboard (I kind of realized after writing this answer that you can't read the whole post from the dashboard... you have to go to the site... my bad!)

My friends - we are kindred spirits. I definitely go along with the majority of you in that I find out if someone has posted through my Google reader, then go to their actual site to read their blog.

Now, this is only true for my friends, though. I have 91 subscriptions in my Google reader (that is sooooo many! please tell me you have more than me!) so of course I don't go to every single site every time they update, but I always want to read friends' blogs straight from their site. Especially because people change their layouts so much that I don't want to miss that!

Were you surprised by the majority? Did you not get a chance to vote? Let us know your feedback!

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