Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Goals - How'd I Do?

September? Check.

It came and went pretty quickly, but I got a ton of stuff done!

*Read 2 books - COMPLETE {Firefly Lane and The Hunger Games}
*Recap Labor Day trip - COMPLETE {read about our trip to DC!}
*Attend/watch 150 football games - COMPLETE {we've watched several and had friends over for the TN/FL game!}
*Play with my new toy - COMPLETE {I'm loving my Mac, but still have tons to learn... see below}

*Share Canada project - COMPLETE {I am so proud of this!! It's our greatest coffee table book ever.}
*Organize ALL digital photos - FAIL {even though iPhoto is supposed to be easy to use, I'm having the HARDEST time organizing old photos!!! someone please help me. please.}

*Create photo collage above sofa - COMPLETE {check it out! we seem like the biggest world travelers with all these fun photos :) St. Thomas, Curacao, Moraine Lake, Dominica, Mt. Rundle, & Banff Springs Hotel}
*Hang lights in kitchen - somewhat COMPLETE... {2 down, 1 to go - but we just opened the chandelier box yesterday to find that 1-2 of the glass domes are broken...}

*One new recipe - COMPLETE {As funny as it is that lasagna was my new recipe, lasagna... was... my new recipe.}

*Clock 20 miles on elliptical/bike - COMPLETE {whoo hoo!!}
Check back tomorrow to see my lofty wellness goals for October... and other fun stuff!

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