Monday, September 27, 2010

Goodbye Wagon Wheels: P1

We started our kitchen makeover in June and were pretty much done by the end of the month! The only two (major) things we had left to do were to decide on & install a backsplash, and change out the wagon wheel lights for something from this century.

Well, we FINALLY got one part of that done!!!
Aren't they fabulous?! I mean, seriously - it changes the whole look of the kitchen for me! (And now Jason laments - we need a new fridge... yes, honey, I know...)

We changed out one wagon wheel for the light near the microwave, and in the middle of the kitchen was an old fan that didn't have a light - it actually had a heater on it (weird, right?).

Adding the light has been AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
I can actually see what I'm cooking on the stove - no joke!

Tonight my wonderful, amazing, fabulously handsome hubby is going
to change out the other wagon wheel for a chandelier! :) Stay tuned!

Another small project I did this weekend was put together some of our favorite DC pictures (from left: National Cathedral, Washington Monument, Smithsonian Institution, inside dome of the Capitol Building). I really love how this turned out and we decided to put it on the shelf in the kitchen for now.

Did you work on any large or small projects this weekend?


  1. Your kitchen looks great! You guys have done so much work on it since the first pictures you posted. Good job!

  2. Thanks Anna!! It's getting better every day. :)

  3. Sarah! Your kitchen is SO beautiful!!! I absolutely love the colors and the dark ceilings add such a neat feel to the kitchen as well. And I can see why you are glad the wagon wheels are gone...I'm sure they would look nice on a dude ranch...but the new lighting looks much better! ha ha


  4. LOVE the new lights! Very, very fabulous!

  5. The new lights look so great! What a huge difference! And, it's so nice to have ample light in the kitchen.

    Your kitchen is so bright and light now. Wow!

  6. Thank you thank you!! I am so ready to have the other light in too, though! And we opened it the other day to find that several of the glass shade/bulb things were broken... so yeah... it may be a while.


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