Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Open House Party

Last night I had an open house / Initials Inc. party! It was lots of fun and I think everyone really loved all the cute stuff Emily had!

{I completely forgot to take ANY pictures AT ALL!!!
I mean, what kind of blogger am I?!}

Anyway, I took some of the living room for you
so you can see how beautiful it was. :)

Heidi, Sherry, Kristin, Megan, Emily T., Becca, Linda, and Barb all got to come! It was awesome to get to show our house to several work friends, since I talk about it all the time.  

thanks for the frame, Kristin!

And then the BEST SURPRISE (no offense to everyone else) was that Samantha came!!!!!!!! I knew Emily would be in town from VA and was going to be able to come to the party, but no one had any idea that Sam was coming, so it was a fabulous surprise when she knocked on the door. :)
Roomies forever.

It was soooooooo fun!!!! :)


  1. Such a great surprise! And so great to be together again (even for such a short time)! Love you both!

  2. Love the living room - the shelves look so nice, and of course I adore the sofa.

  3. Em - I totally agree. Having you and Sami in the same room was like breathing fresh air for the first time in a LONG time. :)

    Kim - thanks! I'm really happy with how it's looking now. And the sofa? Best money we've spent in a while - we are LIVING on this thing!

  4. The house looks SO wonderful!! Keep up the awesome work girl =]


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