Monday, September 20, 2010

Evolution of My Hair

For your viewing pleasure, here is a compilation of my "hairstyles" from the last 5 years:

(In Spring 2004 I got 10 1/2 inches cut off my hair!! CRAZY!)

Summer 2005: sophomore year bid day, love the little pigtails :)

Fall 2005: homecoming
{we look good, right Em?}

Spring 2006: a sorority date night with my baby-face boyfriend :)
{in a dress I found about an hour prior to this picture at Ross or Marshall's for $8!!}

I'm thinking this is Summer 2008?

Summer 2009: at the Signal Crest wedding shower

Summer 2010: in Canada

Now 2010: at Elizabeth's shower

Speaking of hair... look at this poor guy.

Who's mother would let him go out looking like that?!?
This was in my old car ('89 Volvo) so it's probably sometime in the summer of '05?

Pooooooooor Dash. Yikes.

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