Friday, April 30, 2010

April Goals - How'd I Do?

*Read HP6, HP7 and finish So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore - loved these books! and maybe someday I'll finish SLI...
*Host a fabulous friend and actually do something fun this time! - we had a blast! :)

*Take ~10 springtime photos - here
*Play with the PW Actions for Elements - Snookie was my test subject
*Build boxes for a patio garden - WHOO HOO!!
*Plant veggies in our garden!

*Share our plans for the kitchen update - consider them shared as of about 5 minutes ago
*Create and install curtains in the horse room {FAIL... again.}

*Meal plan for at least 2 weeks
*One new recipe - yummy zucchini pizza

*Spend as much time outside as possible! - We've been doing a lot of this lately...

What a fantastic month - even though it felt waaaaaaay too short!

Check back tomorrow for my May goals!

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