Thursday, April 8, 2010

3 Weeks of Meals

In keeping with my goals of meal planning each month, I decided to make a list of all the meals we love (many can be found here, at the Last Night's Dinner link at the top). This should be an essential when you're meal planning, but I just haven't taken the time to do it yet! Now I will have a starting point each week when I'm coming up with what to eat, or I can go the simplemom approach and just set up an "official" schedule.

There are 14 meals below, so it's enough to have each dish once over a 3 week period (we eat at home ~5x/week) plus a new recipe, then repeat! And if we love the new recipe, it will get added to the rotation (ex. we did not love orange chicken, so it will not be added). I would be happy to get to 20 meals where we can have each things once a month!

balsamic chicken
fried chicken
chicken and black bean quesadillas
white chili

meatballs w/gravy (basically the same as above)
hamburgers on the grill


On my actual list (in my Google Documents) I also have the ingredients I need for each meal so that I can glance at that while making my grocery list each week, which makes life THAT much easier. Yay easier!

Do you have meals that are staples at your house
or any tips to add for meal planning?


  1. I need to do this too, Tyler could eat his favorite meal every week! I don't have any suggestions, except for making extra and freezing it! I love doing this, for ex. last night we were going to eat one of my frozen meals and then at the last minute friends came and so I was able to pull out the second portion from the freezer! So like if you make meatloaf, double it and freeze half uncooked then its ready for next month! or u can have a freezer cooking day! (sorry this is so long)

  2. Batch/freezer cooking isn't anything I've tried yet, but it's definitely on the list... Also something else I need to talk with you about is couponing! You are a QUEEN at it and I need to learn your ways. :)


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