Monday, April 5, 2010

MPM: April Week 1

(Edited to add: I told Jason today that we were having pot roast for dinner tonight and he said "Mmmm, I know! I saw it on the blog!")

I'm trying to get back in the habit of meal planning! Life is (obviously) so much easier when I plan, we've just had really hectic and unpredictable schedules lately, we've hardly eaten at home! So this week we're getting back to basics and having some yummy home cooked meals. And Missy's coming this weekend(!!!) so we are so excited about that. Here we go!

Sunday: dinner with the Millers after Hunter and Elizabeth's baptisms!
Monday: meatballs and gravy, grilled veggies
Tuesday: pot roast and mashed potatoes
Wednesday: grilled chicken, veggies
Thursday: out to eat
Friday: (MISSY'S HERE!) burgers on the grill!
Saturday: probably out to eat

Check out for more menu planning ideas!

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  1. Everything sounds're more than welcome to come cook at my house anytime :)


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