Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ranch Style Chicken - does not contain ranch

Mmmmm... last night (and for lunch today) we had PW's Ranch Style Chicken! It was a new dish for me and I kind of strayed from the intended recipe a little... [It says to marinade the chicken for 1-3 hours in the fridge. And ours... let's just say, it got about 10 minutes in the fridge while I cooked the bacon.]

Planning ahead was never my forte.

In case you didn't know, pan frying bacon is a SERIOUSLY messy job. And it's "pop-y" -- like, put on an oven mit just to be able to hold the spatula to turn them over or you get splattered and feel like your skin is falling off (or so I've been told).

But it was worth it - you should definitely try this recipe!


Oh yeah, and as far as the title of this post goes, we were literally bites from being done with dinner last night, and Jason said:
"You know, I really don't even taste the ranch in this..."
"That's because there isn't any, sweetheart."
"You said it was ranch chicken!"
"No, it's 'Ranch Style Chicken..."

Anyway, we also had mashed potatoes, sort of like the PW potatoes, because we used cream cheese and Lawry's seasoning salt. They were definitely different than we normally make them, and very yummy!

We'll be having this again soon. :)

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