Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Stocking" Up - Part 2

Well, last Friday, November 13th was my self-imposed deadline for finishing our Christmas stockings! So how did I do??

I am so totally close to being done with the first one.

This is why I need deadlines, people.

I think two more sessions with Mamaw, and we will have ourselves some amazing stockings ready for the holiday season. :) (Click here to see Part 1.)

Below is when I had sewn the batting to the fabric...

...and after I sewed those pieces together and flipped it! It looks like a real stocking!!

Then it was time to add the cuff... what a pain. This is what took the longest since we didn't have a real pattern or anything.

Finally we got it on...

And this is the ALMOST FINISHED product!!

All that's left is some hand stitching and touch-ups (and eventually a monogram). Now that we know what we're doing, I'm confident #2 will take less time. YAY FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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