Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Christmas Project Procrastination...

Decorating for Christmas was always such a fun time at my parents house. When I think about past Christmases, I don't immediately think "traditions" but boy oh boy - when I dig down deeper I realize that we have SO MANY Christmas traditions!

With few exceptions, we always decorate the tree together and Sam puts up his "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament first, then me, then Nick. Then it's open for all ornaments. We have a bazillion ornaments each, so we usually pick and choose what makes it on the tree. We always reminisce about the how/when/and why we got the ornament and really enjoy the time together.

We have a nativity scene that we have displayed every year for as long as I can remember. Starting last year (or maybe the year before), Mom started getting me pieces of the Willow Tree Nativity scene for my own house. I am IN LOVE with this beautiful set and cannot wait to display it this year. (Though I have no idea where... hmmm...)

Finally, another tradition is hanging up stockings. The tradition itself isn't the hanging of the stockings, but the story behind them. My mom handmade the 4 stockings for her, Dad, Sam and I when we were younger. The back of the boys stockings are red and the girls are green (that might be backwards..) and next to our names, the boys have a little picture of candy (like a candy cane) and the girls have a holiday plant (like a tree or holly leaf). If you click on this picture from last year, you can see the stocking there on the end. I think it's mine because I'm pretty sure the tiny green stocking was for Dash. :)

Well, when Mom found out she was having Nick (almost TWELVE YEARS AGO!!! who feels old??) she quickly thought about needing an additional stocking for our new addition. She looked through the attic, and lo and behold she found her fabric scraps --JUST enough to make one more stocking. And guess what - it was the fabric for a BOY stocking. Pretty cool, huh? (I could go on and on about the traditions of opening one present on Christmas Even... and eating Christmas Eve dinner at the Golden Palace... and having a huge Christmas breakfast... and... and...)
Anyway... I say all this to psyche myself up for a project. In September I decided that for my first Christmas as a Mrs. (hey that sorta rhymes!) I want my home to be warm, inviting, and fully "decked" as in "the halls". I decided I want to make stockings for Jason and I. Now, don't tell Jason because it's sort of a surprise. (And don't worry, the chances of him reading my blog are slim and none. Haha!) So I went to Hobby Lobby with Emily and got all the stuff to do it, but STILL haven't started! I know, I know - you're thinking, it's not even Halloween yet! But seriously folks - nine weeks from Friday is Christmas Day!!! So as a public declaration for all the world to read, I'm giving myself a deadline.

By Friday, November 13th, I want to be DONE with our Christmas stockings. I will take pictures and document as I go, as an additional measure to hold me accountable. :)

Okay, thanks for sticking with me today on a super long post. Check back for my thoughts on NEW traditions for my NEW little family. :) And don't forget to check out SimpleMom's "12 weeks to a Peaceful Christmas"

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