Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Calling All Animal Nickname Freaks Like Me

Man, the title of this just speaks for itself!

I realize that I have the most ridiculous nicknames for our pets... I've even rubbed off on Jason when I hear him call the dog "Erton" (I'll explain below).

(I need an updated picture of the little guy...)
Dasherton (most common - I call him this ALL the time)
Erton (as a nickname from the nickname Dasherton... I am out of control)
Dasherton Finkle (why, I have no idea - I'm going to blame Nick for this one)
Dasherton Finklemeyer (again, pleading the 5th)
Stinkerton Finkerton (these two especially when an "accident" has been involved)
Doodle-bug (I don't call him these as much as I used to... he's pretty stuck with Dasherton.)

Snookerton (notice a pattern here...)
Snookerton Bookerton
bunny rabbit (come over and, if you can catch her, feel her fur - she feels like a rabbit!)
(she hasn't been our baby long enough to have the million nicknames that her brother does... give us time, we will find something weird to call her too)

I am kind of embarassed by the goofiness of the names, but hey - I would probably end up calling our animals something crazy in front of you anyway. :) And I'm sure there are a million I will think of later. When I'm trying to get the dog's attention. Or tell the cat to get off the counter - again.

So the cat is out of the bag on the weirdo names I call our animals - what about you? Do you have any ridiculous or just normal nicknames for your pets?


  1. Pumpkin is also known as:
    Punkin Head
    Punkin Pie
    My Little Baby :-)

  2. Does this apply to your husband as well? (nicknames I mean) :)

  3. Mitzi:
    Muttzi Moo
    Mitzi Moo
    Moo (Probably most common)
    Misty (as my grandmother calls her because she can't hear us pronounce Mitzi with her hearing aids...)
    haha I always forget how ridiculous these names sound...until I catch myself talking in my super high pitched pet/baby talk voice calling her these names...haha

  4. Jasper:
    Jasper Bailey (when he is trouble which is the majority of the time!)
    Handsome (I actually call him this ALL the time)
    Baby boy
    Stinker Pot (when he is spunky)
    Big Boy
    White Dog (My dad calls his this)

    Haha mine are pretty stupid! :-)

  5. Sarah I have the most AWFUL nicknames for all 3 of our animals...and some of them make no sense and I have NO idea where they came from! So I totally understand! And I might have to steal this blog topic :)


Even if it's just to say "You so silly, Sarah" - please feel free to leave comments!


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