Monday, October 5, 2009

Trip to Ohio and back

Last week I went on a business trip to Cleveland, Ohio! It's the farthest north I've ever been! Haha.

After several delays on both my flights (from Chatt to Atl, and from Atl to Cleveland) I got to Ohio around dinner time and opted to eat at the hotel restaurant - butternut squash ravioli YUMMM!!! But I was exhuasted, so right before I was about to get my food, I asked the waiter if he could just box it up for me to take to my room. :) So I layed on my bed, ate my food, and watched Dancing With the Stars.

Tuesday started my 1st training day - oh yeah, I didn't tell you why I was there. I went to train with one of the Chattem field sales trainers, Tim. I'm not going into field sales, but we go through the training so we can be familiar with all the different areas within the sales force. So I got to learn (or refresh, rather) about Chattem history and much more. Then we went out to the different retailers (Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, food stores, etc.) to see the differences at each store. (I won't bore you with any more details than I have to.)

Okay so here's the only picture from my whole trip. On Tuesday night I got sucked in to Nim's Island on HBO and then it was time for DWTS (night 2) so I decided room service was in order.

(Not that you can tell at all what this is...) Here is my bacon cheeseburger and macaroni & cheese! YUMMY!!! It was soooo good. And dear Brianne - I'm in love with Pepsi. It brought back 8 million memories.

The next two days were similar to the first... I was challenged to learn all the active ingredients to our products, so if you feel like quizzing me, I will try not to mis-pronounce the names.

I got home Thursday night around dinnertime and man, oh man, was I glad to be HOME! I missed my hubby and my babies!! Oh yeah, and on Monday (the day I left) Dash got really sick and my mom had to take him to the vet. Then Jason had to be in charge of giving him 2 different pills and a syringe of liquid all week long. I felt so bad! But he's doing a whole lot better and is now just on one antibiotic for the next month to make sure he stays well.

I'm sure glad to be home. Sorry, Ohio people... but:
Chattanooga > Ohio


  1. you crack me up. what's funny is that i can't stand pepsi anymore and drink coke. which makes me giggle because that was all you ever had at your house. weird how it switched around huh? oh and by the way...i freakin' miss you!

  2. Chattanooga is definitely better than Ohio. That would be why I want to move to Chatty :-) Missed seeing you this weekend. Hope you are enjoying married life! <3


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