Sunday, October 18, 2009

CVS-ing, Take One

**UPDATE** You're going to laugh at me... no, really - you are. Today at lunch I took back three of the $1 candy items so that I only really spent $20.50, then got the $5 back on candy! Ridiculous? A little bit...

Today I went on my first official "CVS-ing" trip. I was kind of nervous because I've been pretty skeptical that shopping at CVS could possibly be cheaper than shopping at Walmart (my typical store of choice). Here's a look at all I got!

Herbal Essences Shampoo/Conditioner
Regular price: $8.60 for both
Got it for: $3.00 (on sale for $3, B1G1 free coupon)

Trident Layers Gum
Regular price: $1.50
Got it for: $0.25 (on sale for $1, $0.75 off coupon)

Neosporin Lip Care
Regular price: $5.39
Got it for: FREE (on sale for $2.89, had coupon for $3.00 off)

Halloween candy (for our house and Trunk or Treat at church)
Regular price: $33.00
Got it for: $18.50 (get $5 off when you spend $20)
I thought that CVS sold newspapers, so I could have saved $2.50 more with a coupon from the paper, but they don't so I missed out... :( Aaaaand I somehow miscalculated and spent $23.50 instead of right at $20... so yeah. Could have saved another $3.50 there...

Glade Reed Diffuser
Regular price: $9.99
Got it for: made +$3.50 (on sale for $6.99, $3.50 off coupon, $7 ECB back)

I also used $3 ECB I had from last week, and a $5 off $25 coupon from online, so according to my receipt I spent $14.24 and saved $37.57!! Not too bad for my first try!!

My regrets are that I didn't get the paper before I went (could have saved $2.50 more and my own dumb $3.50 mistake - could have been $8.24!). Then I also bought body wash for Jason that was $4.99 and I had a $1 off coupon, but I think it's a lot less at Walmart and I still could have used the coupon. Anyway, all in all I'm pretty happy with the trip! And now we're loaded up on candy! :)

I forgot to ever post pictures of the gift we got from Cindy and Bob!!

A beautiful patio furniture set!! Now with this and our grill, we actually have a reason to be on the patio!! :) THANKS CINDY AND BOB!!!

Finally, a glimpse into the office. The very messy and nowhere near finished office. I will keep you updated with the progress.


  1. that is the same patio set we have! we love it.

    love the CVS-ing. it's such a great deal.

  2. Great job saving money, there are always little mishaps with those things. If you are looking at a website for the deals to go get, sometimes those coupons may not be in our paper, like I saw something that said there was a candy coupon for last week, but there wasn't! So if thats the coupon you were looking to use, it wasn't there anyway! But you did a good job getting all of that for $14!


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