Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Stocking" Up - Part 1

Well friends, I have actually started the project I said I would!! Last night I went over to Mamaw's house and started on our Christmas stockings!

First I printed out my "inspiration" picture and sketched out the patterns on newspaper/tissue paper. (This step took FOREVVVVVVVER because we couldn't get it just right.)

Then we layed the pattern on the fabric...

And cut it out - the main stocking and the cuff, although this cuff is for the other stocking. :)

Once we cut out all the fabric pieces and batting, I got to sew for the very first time. I just sewed the batting to the striped fabric for the cuff, but by this point it was getting late, so that's as far as we got on Wednesday.
I'm so excited though!! I think they are already looking sooooooo cute!! :)
Only EIGHT WEEKS until Christmas! Yee-haw!!!

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