Friday, October 9, 2009

A Few Minor Updates

In an effort to make our home feel more "Fall-y", I decided to make a Fall centerpiece for our dining room table!

This is a cake stand we got for our wedding (thanks Pam Rector!), the pumpkins/leaves came from a $5 box from Walmart this week (!!), and the candle... oh the candle. It is a Febreze candle called Autumn Spice & Crisp. It makes our house smell NOT like cats and dogs but FALL!!!

Another minor update we (Jason) did this week was to install one of those super cool rounded shower curtain rods!

Please excuse the precious pup who wanted to be in the picture.

It takes up a tiny bit more room in the bathroom, but the room it provides in the otherwise tiny shower is priceless.

Snookie loves to hide between the curtains. She thinks we don't notice.

And this little booger loves to drink from the tub. He could have just drank a full bowl of water, but oh goodness - if there's water in the tub, then he's thirsty again. :)

Finally - here's my new purchase!! We've been needing a new printer for a while, and I found this HP all-in-one wireless at Best Buy for $150! I was super pumped. It is so fun to sit on the couch, browse the web for coupons, recipes, etc. and be able to hit print and go about my business. Then an hour later when I pry myself from the couch, there is a lovely stack of freshly printed documents waiting for me in the office.
Little updates make me happy. I am one happy girl. :)

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  1. Oh how I would love to have a wireless printer! Love the other updates as well!


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