Friday, October 23, 2009

A View from the Front

What a week it's been for our house! We planned to have some electrical work done to get 3 prong plugs/grounded outlets and those little tester plugs by your water sources? yeah, those too. We also were switching from the old fuse box to a new breaker box. The old box was smaller and on the wall where our washer and dryer sit. The new box was taller and would be blocked by the washer and dryer if they stayed on that wall, so we had to move them.

So we had to have a plumber move the line for the washer on Tuesday before the electrical work began on Wednesday. Luckily, we had a great experience with them and everything was ready to go for Jerry and his crew (electrical). Jerry said it would take 3 days to do all the work, but it only took 2! So that was awesome. Well, in amongst all of this, our heat went out. So yesterday we had Bean Heating & Air come put in a new unit. (Sheeeeesh.)

The upside to all of this is that hopefully all of these things will not need to be done again for the time we live in this house. And another BIG upside is that we had much more electrical problems in our house than we realized, and something could have gone wrong (lightning kills all our electronics, fire starts from hot wire, etc.) if we hadn't done this now.

So we are broke, but we are safe. :)

Here's our house in all her beautiful glory. She's come a long way already and she's got so much more to go.

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