Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CVS-ing, Take Two

My round two of CVS-ing went even better than round one!

CVS Paper Towels - $8.99 (for an 8 pack) This is what I went for. We needed paper towels BAD, and I read in Consumer Reports (yes, I really did) that CVS brand paper towels are the #3 rated paper towels, but I basically got them for free - please read on. :)

Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit
Regular price: $9.99
Got it for: FREE (on sale for $6.00, had 2 $3.00 off coupons)

Glade Lasting Impressions
Regular price: $9.99
Got it for: FREE (on sale for $6.00, had a $3.00 off and $4.00 off coupon)
When you buy $12 worth of Glade, get $4 ECBs, so really I got them for FREE and got PAID $4.

Trident Layers Gum - 4 packs
Regular price: $4.00
Got it for: $1.25 ($0.31 ea.), B1G1 Free and $0.75 off coupon

Reusable Bag Tag - $0.99, I just added this to get up to the right amount.
If you attach this to a reusable bag, you get $1 EBC on every 4th trip.

I used a $5.00 ECB from my last trip and a $5 off $15 coupon I got when I scanned my CVS card when I first walked in (one of those coupon stations), so according to my receipt I saved $35.69 and only spend $1.89 out of pocket!!! Not bad to buy an 8 pack of paper towels for $1.89 and get the rest for "free".

So now I still have a $7 ECB and got a $4 ECB from my trip. Yeee-haw!

When I was at Walmart, I realized that there Halloween stuff was 90% off, so I took advantage of a few things. Spider rings, caution tape, white spider web stuff, window clings, a witch doggy outfit for Dash, fake sideburns, and this super cool pirate t-shirt that I will TOTALLY wear next year!! All this, and guess how much it was: $3.06!!! You should totally take advantage of this, if there's anything you need!

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  1. you go girl!! you are cvs-ing great!! love the pirate shirt as well.


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