Friday, April 8, 2011

Nursery - The Plan

Okay, before we begin, you need to know that I am NOT an artist. I sketched out how I want the nursery to look and it's definitely not perfect, but hopefully it get's the point across! 

Baby Lawhorn's Nursery Plans
Starting on the top left is our beautiful new crib with (hopefully) the adorable bedding we registered for! I plan to hang the quilt on the wall above the crib, since the little guy won't need to actually use it.

On the floor I plan to get a khaki/cream colored larger rug and then a smaller rug (that matches the bedding) to put in front of the crib.

On the wall to the right will be my brown dresser (possibly painted a different color?) with the changing pad on top. Above that I plan to put a mirror, frames, and other small things to dress up the wall space. (We're keeping the walls light green like in the picture below.)
The top part of the drawing is the same view as this one from the Nursery - Clean Slate post:

Looking at the bottom part, on the left side wall I plan to put a bookshelf (just like the ones we have in our living room) for all his books, little nick-nacks, and baskets on the bottom for toys. I may or may not actually put that little hamper next to it... I just thought it might be a cute addition. :)

I didn't draw this on there, but I think we're going to get a glider and small side table to sit in front of the window, but we haven't picked anything out yet. Any suggestions?

And just to refresh your memory, the bottom part of the drawing most closely matches to this picture from days of old:

So what do you think? Do you like where it's headed? Any ideas on gliders?


  1. I think the nursery is going to look fabulous! I have a suggestion about the changing area. From personal experience, the mirror is a great idea! Noah loves looking at himself and the mirror can be a helpful distraction at times. If "Little Lawhorn" can see himself in the mirror from the crib that's even better! I would suggest NOT putting small frames and other pictures in that area. Little hands grab at EVERYTHING and the frames may be pulled down and pose a safety hazard. We have to stop Noah from pulling at the mirror almost each time we change him.
    A gliding footstool is a wonderful companion to the glider. Have you thought about getting a big comfy glider lounge chair? My glider is the traditional one that looks like a rocking chair. I wish I had gotten a bigger more comfortable glider. As Noah got bigger it was uncomfortable. That may have been the reason why he quit nursing at night when he was 9 months old. :( They have some great options for gliders at Children's Fair. Cant wait to meet 'Lil Lawhorn!

  2. not an artist my foot. you even put little bows on the crib slats where the bumper will be tied on!! you so silly, sarah.

    yes, it's true. i stalk your blog and rarely (if ever before?) post comments, but today i have a comment. do NOT get a carter's glider from bru - it's the prettiest one, but it's junk. after just 2 months, it literally started falling apart. we returned it.

    speaking of - (and you might already do this anyway...) keep your receipts for EVERYTHING. i usually don't keep them, and i just got something in the mail about some sort of rebate for the pump i have. if i had my receipt, i could get cash money!! oh well.

  3. Evelyn - thanks for the tips about the mirror and frames, we will definitely keep that in mind!

    Lyndsay - thanks for letting me know specifically about that glider! I would have thought that it had to be good at that kind of price!! We're probably going to be looking at Children's Fair, so hopefully it will be a real quality piece.

    Keep the comments coming! I love hearing your thoughts!


Even if it's just to say "You so silly, Sarah" - please feel free to leave comments!


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