Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sanity and Smiles: April Recap

April wasn't TOO shabby! Let's see how I did...
Things That Make Me Sane:
*get rid of as much clutter as possible - COMPLETE! At the beginning of the month, I was the de-clutter queen. I got rid of a good amount of stuff to make room for all the new stuff I know we'll be getting with the little bambino
*clean... everything. - This was a really good goal. So good, in fact, that I may have to actually DO IT in May! (we've been a little out of sorts with no power, but we'll be ready to scrub the house from top to bottom soon!)
*make our bed EVERY day in April :) - COMPLETE! I only missed one day!! It has been so nice to walk into the bedroom to a neatly made bed each day. Even if the rest of the house is in complete disarray...

Things That Make Me Smile:
*eat dinner of the patio at least once a week - COMPLETE! You know, we didn't really do this intentionally, but we did eat out there probably 3-4 times, which would theoretically count as "once a week"
*go for a walk with Jason at least once a week - whoops
*have friends over for dinner (at least) twice - whoops
*read 3 books - COMPLETE! I finished up the first Baxter series with Rejoice and Reunion, read Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, and read the 1st half of Organized Simplicity (I plan to go through the 2nd half as we clean our house from top to bottom)

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